REP - Climate Education Campaign Features Reagan

Radio Ads Praise Reagan's Climate Stewardship

Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP), a national grassroots organization, announces the launch of its "What Would Reagan Do" radio ad campaign. The campaign started running in New Hampshire today - with other states to follow in the coming weeks.

The ads, which include clips from Ronald Reagan's speeches, honor the former president's memory as a conservationist and remind listeners that good environmental stewardship, including action to address climate change, is consistent with true conservative values.

"With talk radio personalities constantly peddling an anti-stewardship message under the guise of conservatism, it is a good time for a reminder about President Reagan's legacy as a good steward of our environment," David Jenkins, REP's vice president for government and political affairs, said.

"We especially want people to remember Reagan's leadership in negotiating the Montreal Protocol treaty, which began the phase-out of ozone depleting chemicals and has done more to safeguard the earth's atmosphere than any other law or treaty ever passed," Jim DiPeso, REP's vice president for policy and communication, said.

"Too often, Reagan is not remembered for his environmental accomplishments. The political left refuses to give him the credit that he deserves, while some on the right ignore his environmental legacy because it doesn't fit with the image of Reagan that they cultivate to support their own agendas," Jenkins said.

In conjunction with the radio ad campaign, REP and its sister organization ConservAmerica have launched the website, which provides information about climate change and explains why responsible stewardship of our climate is conservative. The site also allows visitors to listen to the ads and read the entire speeches that Reagan quotes used in the ads come from.

"We are reminding the public, and especially our fellow conservatives, that despite what they hear from talk radio showmen, climate change is real and conservatives have, as Reagan said, 'a great moral responsibility' to take prudent action in defense of future generations," DiPeso said.

REP's ads began airing during the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck shows on the following stations: WGIR (610 AM) Manchester/Nashua, WGIN (930 AM) Rochester, WQSO (96.7 FM) Portsmouth, WKBK (1290 AM) Keene, and WNTK (99.7 FM) New London.

If we've learned any lessons during the past few decades, perhaps the most important is that preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it's common sense. Our physical health, our social happiness, and our economic well-being will be sustained only by all of us working in partnership as thoughtful, effective stewards of our natural resources.

                                 Ronald Reagan, July 11, 1984

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Jim DiPeso
Policy Director
Republicans for Environmental Protection