Senator Shaheen - Rule of Law or Partisan Politics?

Does Sen Shaheen believe in the "Rule of Law'? Or will she be bullied by Sen Reid into supporting Amnesty to 20 Million Illegal Immigrants as a reward for breaking the laws of the United States?

What other laws does the Democrat Majority feel are unnecessary to obey?



  • ·  Alaska -- Mark Begich
  • ·  Colorado -- Michael Bennet
  • ·  Colorado -- Mark Udall
  • ·  Delaware -- Ted Kaufman
  • ·  Illinois -- Roland Burris
  • ·  New Hampshire -- Jeanne Shaheen
  • ·  New Mexico -- Tom Udall
  • ·  New York -- Kirsten Gillibrand
  • ·  Jeff Merkley (Oregon)
  • ·  Virginia -- Mark Warner

Is the image that these freshmen want to portray to their voters one of putting illegal aliens at the front of the jobs line and unemployed U.S. citizens at the back of the line?

Force these Senators to declare who they are backing: Illegal aliens or unemployed Americans. Phone them.

Let's put an end to this constant talk of passing an amnesty. Let's find at least 6, and maybe 10, Democrats who say they don't plan to vote for an amnesty this year. Since Reid says he can't find a second Republican (after Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina) to join in the amnesty push, he may just have to give up on the amnesty if several more Democrats say they won't go along with him.

Make it immediately clear that you are calling because Sen. Reid has indicated that Sen. XMXMXM has committed to vote YES on the comprehensive amnesty.