AJS to Wendelboe: Hands Off Private Property

Alexandria, VA- Americans for Job Security opposes Representative Wendelboe’s amendment to resurrect the unconstitutional attempts of Governor Lynch and Former Attorney General Ayotte to raid the private Joint Underwriters Association. 

"Politicians like Fran Wendelboe, John Lynch and Kelly Ayotte just don't get it.  Not even the constitution can stop them from trying to spend other people's money,” said Stephen DeMaura president of AJS.

"The Supreme Court says that the Lynch-Ayotte plan to steal money from doctors and nurses is unconstitutional, so the Concord politicians scheme and come up with a new plan to blackmail doctors and nurses into giving them their money," added DeMaura.

Governor John Lynch and his Attorney General Kelly Ayotte attempted one of the largest confiscations of private property in New Hampshire history. Together, they moved to drain the private medical malpractice funds of our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. Thankfully the Supreme Court slapped down their $110 million raid of private funds. Today, Representative Wendelboe resurrected their efforts to raid the JUA.

 “…the state’s move was an unconstitutional taking of private property,” NH Superior Court Ruling, as reported by the Nashua Telegraph 1/29/2010

AJS urges citizens to stand up for their private property rights by joining our effort to stop this unconstitutional taking of private property at www.HandsOffNH.com.

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