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It was disclosed yesterday (see here  “BREAKING! HassanSullivanSpeech (Anti-"Citizen United Free Speech")” and here “More on HassanSullivanSpeech...part 2: Some of the Organizations at today's meeting”) that Kathy Sullivan has been secretly drafting legislation with the input of liberal advocacy groups that would muzzle citizens rights to discuss important public policy issues. In direct violation of recent Supreme and lower court rulings the legislation would pick preferred speakers in order to silence critics of public policy, government officials or elected officials.

There are many concerns with the legislation, especially its constitutionality, but below are some questions on Sullivan's role in the drafting of the legislation.

In what role is Kathy Sullivan charged with drafting legislation?

Is Sullivan acting as a lobbyist, a volunteer or a paid government official?

If Sullivan is acting as a volunteer what are her responsibilities, who is she volunteering for and will she release other basic information on personal interests that the public deserves to know?

If Sullivan is acting in an official capacity as a volunteer or staff person for the State Senate will minutes and notes from her meeting earlier today be released before the legislation is voted on?

Who is paying Kathy Sullivan? Sullivan should release all of her clients so the public knows that those drafting legislation do not have a financial interest to do so.

Flash Back:
Benson Releases Volunteer Names<>

National Public Radio, Josh Rogers, April 13, 2004

Speaking outside the courthouse, Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan said that New Hampshire's Constitution makes it clear that citizens have a right to know who is carrying out the public's business.

"Craig Benson has tried to ignore that. He's refused to tell us who these volunteers are. He's refused to tell us their background. He refuses to tell us what their responsibilities are. And when you don't do that, when you don't disclose some very basic information about who is making decisions it undermines the public's confidence in government -- that's just wrong."

Dems sue Benson over volunteers <>

The Associated Press, March 17, 2004

The New Hampshire Democratic Party has gone to court in an attempt to force Gov. Craig Benson to release information on the duties of two volunteers who worked for him.

The party filed suit in Merrimack County Superior Court on Monday, seeking information under the state's right-to-know law.
In the lawsuit, Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan said the state constitution's guarantee of "open, accessible, accountable and responsive" government entitles her access to information about Blaisdell and Marshall's activities.

N.H. governor's use of volunteers riles critics  Sarah Schweitzer, Boston Globe, April 29, 2004 "What they are doing is acting like wiseguys," said Kathy Sullivan, chairwoman of the state Democratic Party. "But at the end of the day, we will have the last laugh on Craig Benson because we're going to beat him in November."