American Third Position Party - California Study Confirms Extent of Mexican Colonization

The article below caught my attention as it fairly accurately describes a situation in California that I alluded to in an Editorial May 20th Mexican Nationals Declare War on USA

California Study Confirms Extent of Mexican Colonization

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 07:36 PM PDT


While providing a less-than-shocking confirmation that California is undergoing a colossal demographic transformation, the scale of which is not often seen outside campaigns of ethnic cleansing, the latest report concerning California demography, conducted by the California Department of Finance, provides some alarming insight into the nature of the displacement of Whites from the state.


The report, comprised by estimates of the racial make-up of California’s many counties, shows a discouraging trend: even while the population of California continues to grow at a rate of 500,000 a year, the population of ethnic-Americans there continues to decline at a rate of about 65,000 a year. This lends credit to the projection by the Department that Hispanics will constitute a majority of the state’s population by 2016.


Those responsible for conducting the study cited both the low birth-rates and the mass migration of Whites from the state as the cause for the rapid decline.


“This is the first decade to see a year-over-year consistent population decrease due to natural causes,” said Mary Heim, who heads the Departments research team, highlighting the near-impossibility Whites face in financing the growth of their own families, owing to the fact that they face massive discrimination in employment opportunities and in acquiring funds for advanced education.


Stephen Levy, who directs the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, confirmed, however, that it’s not just an economic battle Whites contend with in California. Pointing to the surge in real estate prices throughout the period in which the figures were tallied, and with the knowledge that the Hispanic population continued to rise while the White population declined, he reveals that there is something beyond an economic explanation for the mass migration of Whites from the state.

“What we’re seeing here is colonization, not immigration”, said the A3P’s Brian Alexander, whose family helped settle the state.

“We’re not seeing our government here lend a helping hand to those immigrants who’d like to make a better life for themselves. We’re seeing a well-orchestrated campaign of colonization, sponsored by our own government and backed by a people who’d like to benefit by the infrastructure we’ve created.”

“Our own people face massive discrimination and have to put up with constant harassment and intimidation, no doubt brought on by state- and media-sponsored campaigns to incite violence against us. Although definitely part of the decision to move, Whites aren’t moving just because of skyrocketing home prices and a lack of jobs, both of which are products of unfettered immigration. Whites are moving because this place isn’t any longer recognizable. It’s now a foreign country, and it’s uncomfortable just being here.”