Illinois Policy Institute - Join Our Thursday Conference Call: Guide to Bargaining with Teachers Unions

Although this is from Illinois, I  thought this may be applicable to any state or municipality or other political subdivision that needs to Bargain with the Teachers Unions.  /bobdm


The most important policy adopted by any school district is its contract with its teachers. Yet few people understand the basic steps of collective bargaining between school boards and teachers unions. In many Illinois communities, taxpayers don't get access to the details of the contract until after it has been approved!

Join the Illinois Policy Institute for a Blogger and Liberty Leader Conference Call this Thursday, June 17, to discuss our new citizen’s guide “Bargaining for Better Schools: An Introduction to Collective Bargaining in Illinois Public Education.

We’ll help you better understand the process that determines how local teachers are hired, paid, placed, rewarded and disciplined. Plus, you can learn how to conduct a transparency audit of your school district, or other unit of government, via the Institute’s Local Transparency Project.

WHAT: Conference call discussing how Illinois taxpayers can become more involved in the public education collective bargaining process and promote online transparency for local government.

WHEN: Thursday, June 17, at 7:30 pm

HOW: Call Number: (866) 576-7975 Access Code:  contact

WHO: The Illinois Policy Institute’s Collin Hitt, Director of Education Policy, and Kate Piercy, Director of Government Reform, Moderated by Brian Costin, Director of Outreach.

The call will last about 30 minutes, and our policy experts will welcome your questions and feedback.

You won’t want to miss this call!

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Brian Costin
Director of Outreach