Jeanie Forrester to Senator Deb Reynolds: Repeal the Job Killing LLC Income Tax

Today, Conservative Republican State Senate District 2 candidate Jeanie Forrester called on incumbent Democrat State Senator Deb Reynolds to make the repeal of the job killing LLC income tax a top priority during next week's special session.

"Senator Reynolds owes it to her constituents and the small businesses of New Hampshire to make sure there is a stand alone up or down vote on the repeal of the LLC tax," said Forrester.

For months, the Democrat House and Senate majority and Governor Lynch have agreed with Republican lawmakers that the LLC tax should be repealed. Unfortunately, no Democrat has gotten the job done and the tax is still a drain on New Hampshire small businesses.

"Senator Reynolds has allowed the repeal of the job-killing LLC tax to be held hostage by special interests and budget gimmicks. If she is serious about supporting our business community and creating jobs, she will lead the way to repeal," added Forrester.

Despite the Democrats controlling the House, Senate and Governor's Office, this tax is still alive and well and a consensus cannot be reached on how to close the over $300 million budget gap. Last week, Senator Reynolds was part of a Democrat majority that walked away from negotiations that would have cut spending to reduce this deficit.

"Walking away is not an option. The citizens of District 2 and New Hampshire deserve better," concluded Forrester.