Is the NH Democratic Party Running Illegal Push Polls?

September 21, 2010


Attorney General Michael Delaney

Department of Justice

Concord, NH   03301


Dear General Delaney:

On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 19, at 3:13 p.m., I received a call which I believe you should know about.  The female caller noted that she was conducting a survey.  She asked if I would be willing to "help her".   I said yes, and she put me on hold, apparently confused about the script she was supposed to read.  She returned and at no time, until I asked her specifically, did she identify for whom she was calling or by whom she was employed.  When I asked, she told me that she was working for PCG, that she was based in Arizona, that the phone number there was 520-327,0901, and that the New Hampshire Democratic Party was paying for the survey.

As part of her survey, about the New Hampshire District 18 State Senate race (Manchester Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Litchfield), in regard to Republican candidate Tom DeBlois, she asked me to listen to the following statement (I attempted to slow her down, so I believe I have it verbatim here):  Tom DeBlois is "a shady business owner.  He has failed to pay his taxes and has been cited for unsafe working conditions for his employees."  She then asked that, if knowing that I would be much less likely, somewhat less likely to vote for him or that it made no difference or I had no opinion.

I informed her that what she was doing sounded very much like a push poll and that since she had not volunteered whom she was working for at the outset, she was probably breaking New Hampshire law.  She then discontinued the conversation.

I then called candidate DeBlois who later returned my call and denied all the charges made against him by this "PCG" caller.

Whether the charges are true or not is not really the point.  It appears the New Hampshire Democratic Party, whether or not with the knowledge of incumbent Senator Betsi DeVries, has decided to smear Mr. DeBlois before he can even get his message out.  That is sad enough, but it enters the realm of illegality if in fact they are using a push poll.  Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan referred me to RSA 664:16-a in this regard and noted that I should contact a Matt Mavogeorge in your office.  I trust you will pass this along to him.

I have since learned that other people have received similar calls.



Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, Hills. 15

161 Faith Lane

Manchester, NH 03103


cc:  Secretary of State William Gardner

      Governor John Lynch

      NH Reps and Senators