AFP - School Choice Webcast with Michelle Malkin Tonight

American exceptionalism is in danger. The fight to maintain exceptionalism for future generations starts in our public schools. Our children’s education and development is no longer a priority as corrupt special interest groups have taken over the public education system.

Now someone is exposing the problem.

Tonight Americans for Prosperity and Conservative Commentator and Fox News Channel contributor Michelle Malkin will host a live webcast where we will examine our public education system and the promise of school choice.

Watch the LIVE webcast here with Michelle Malkin starting at 6:30PM MST tonight

This event is part of school choice week and will be one of hundreds of events across the country screening “The Cartel”, an award-winning documentary that examines corruption in public education.  Click here to find a screening of “The Cartel” near you.

This issue directly affects our children and grandchildren. Our future depends on exposing the corruption in our schools and reforming the system.

Make sure you join us for this important LIVE webcast event by clicking here!


Corey Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire