NH House Majority Leader Statement on appearance of presidential candidates

The following statement was issued today by NH House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt following the appearance of several presidential candidates before the NH House of  Representatives:  


"Today’s visit to the New Hampshire House is not  strictly about which candidate would be the best alternative to another four years of President Barrack Obama, more importantly it is about the process by which we elect our president.  These men and women who spoke to us today respect New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary status and the long history that goes with it.  Unlike any other state holding a presidential primary election, tarmac presidential politics doesn’t exist in New Hampshire. 

Candidates who campaign for the votes of our citizens know that they have to come here, meet with the voters personally and look them square in the eye when asking for their support, and answer the tough questions.  New Hampshire has been the testing ground for candidates for both parties for nearly 60 years and its time that jealous challengers like Florida respect our place in history.  Granite Staters are rightly protective of our First-in-The-Nation status when it comes to picking the major-party candidates for president and we are willing to trudge through the December snowstorms to defend that status. 

I sincerely thank the candidates who took time to to come to House today and show their support of our First in the Nation Primary.  I can assure you that we will do whatever we need to do in support of Secretary of State Gardner and his efforts in protecting our First in the Nation status."