Gov Perry's Jobs Plan Phase 1 - Drill Baby Drill!

Gov Rick Perry announced the first phase of his economic plan and it is a clear winner.

Drill Baby Drill! 

Energy has been the achilles heal of the present administration, with all their Green Energy frauds.

It is the achilles heal of the current economy, when gas prices have nearly doubled and home heating and cooling costs have escalated, sucking any money anyone may have left right out of their pockets! It is a crucial component in job creation, product development, and business growth!

Yeah, Slick Mitt may be leading but he has the worst job record of all the candidates and that includes the ones that had little chance to create jobs. He has the worst record of being a Liberal in disguise. He has supported Big Government interference in our lives, he supported Gay Marriage after he said he didn't, he created Romneycare, and promoted Obamacare like policies, in the past praising Ted Kennedy for his work on universal healthcare.

But lets face it, Romney will be the best Campaigner in Chief just like Obama. He has over 22+ debates, 100's of townhall meetings, and NO JOBS!