Romney urges Nevada to move up Caucus, Romney Opening Nevada HQ Today?

Usual Suspects,

Just a couple weeks ago, Mitt Romney's campaign was outed for lobbying Nevada officials to move up their primary date, threatening New Hampshire's proud first-in-the-nation tradition.

Last week, Governor Huntsman led the charge by first boycotting the Nevada caucus while it threatens New Hampshire's primary and then boycotting tomorrow night's debate in Nevada. He will be holding a town hall in Hopkinton at 7:30 PM instead.

Now today at 3:30 PM, the Romney campaign is opening their Nevada headquarters. I guess they feel pretty confident with 89% of Granite Staters still undecided

Here's a quote from me, Huntsman campaign spokesman:

"After undermining the first-in-the-nation primary by lobbying for an early Nevada caucus, Governor Romney is sticking his finger in New Hampshire's eye today. Opening an office in Nevada the week after the majority of the field, led by Jon Huntsman, boycotted the Nevada caucus shows how little respect he has for the New Hampshire Primary."

Michael Levoff

Huntsman Supporter