Bettencourt statement on State House salary freeze

The following statement was issued today following a vote of the House Facilities extending the salary freeze for their employees by one year.  Former Speaker Terie Norellie (Portsmouth), the lone Democrat on the committee, voted against the freeze.
"Once again it appears that Rep. Norelli was not listening to the voters a year ago when they tossed the Democrats out of the majority.  After four years of overspending and a hundred new taxes under her watch, the citizens of this state had enough.  While the Republicans in the House remain committed to holding the line on spending, Rep. Norelli would rather increase salaries at a time when we simply cannot afford it.  As the House Majority Leader I have great respect for the work done by our employees, but they, like the rest of our citizens, have to assume a share of the painful cuts that are being felt throughout state government."