Will Democrats Stand With Obama Next Week And Campaign With Him In 2012?

Concord, NH – President Barack Obama has scheduled a trip to the Granite State on Tuesday to tout his outrageous new spending bill he coins as a Jobs Bill, but ultimately is nothing more than a Stimulus II. The nearly half billion dollars spending bill has failed in the court of public opinion in New Hampshire, as proven by the latest UNH poll numbers that put President Obama’s approval rating at a mere 41%. VIEW POLL HERE. This isn’t stopping the President from trying.  Last time he visited New Hampshire was 21 months ago when he came to promote Obamacare—another massive spending debacle that is already causing  huge cost increases for New Hampshire families. NHGOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement on President Obama’s upcoming visit:

“President Obama is unpopular with New Hampshire voters because he is always looking to take more money from them.  He doesn’t know what Granite Staters know which is, you cannot spend our way out of our economic crisis.  The alleged jobs bill he is planning on  coming here to tout is nothing more than a 450 million dollar spending bill to pay for taxpayer funded jobs temporarily. It is an election year stunt on the backs of taxpayers and New Hampshire citizens are astute enough to know it.  Expanding government is not the answer to our jobs crisis.  We need to get government to ease regulations and taxation on the employers in this country if we want them to be able to hire more employees.  We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and Obama’s proposed increases in taxes for the employers is not the answer.

“I’d like to know if his previously staunch allies will be standing with President Obama, his poor approval rating and bad ideas next Tuesday. Will Carol Shea-Porter, Ann McLane Kuster and Jeanne Shaheen show their support for his outrageous spending plans and tell New Hampshire taxpayers a vote for Obama is a vote for more of the same?  The President is right about one promise he made in 2008—we do need some hope and change.”