NH Republican leadership statement on Right to Work vote

The following statement was issued today by House  Republican leadership following the vote on HB 474.  The governor's veto was sustained by a vote of 240-139.

  Speaker William O'Brien  

“Today, Governor Lynch was able to block efforts to bring worker freedom to New Hampshire.  As a result of his efforts, employees across the state will still be forced to pay into unions that they may oppose.  Furthermore, the many companies who have expressed their interest in considering moving new jobs to New Hampshire if we are a Right-to-Work will not bring relief to the nearly 40,000 unemployed workers across the state.  We have missed an opportunity to grow our economy and help our citizens, thanks to the Governor’s blind allegiance to supporting union bosses.”

“We have not seen the end of this matter.  Right-to-Work will be priority legislation before the House next year.  As such it will become a top issue for in both the Governor’s race as well as in primaries elections across New Hampshire.  We will continue to work with our members to explain the necessity of making our state the 23rd to embrace worker freedom.”

Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

“It was clear from the moment that both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed Right to Work Legislation in an attempt to create more jobs, that Governor Lynch's veto was bought and paid for by the unions of this state through hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations.  We have tremendous respect for our public sector employees but it is clear that Governor Lynch and the majority of union leadership do not share the same priority as we do when it comes to job creation. But we now know what we must do.  Right to Work will be a major part of the Republican Agenda in the future. Today’s vote demonstrates why we need a Republican in the corner office who will put creating jobs head of taking care of the union bosses.  We will continue to fight for every unemployed citizens of this state in an attempt to get them back to work. I am proud of the vast majority of our caucus for doing the right thing today and I look forward to the day when we add New Hampshire to the ranks of Right to Work States."