Sioux City pastor, leader in defeat of three Iowa Supreme Court justices a year ago, Calls Gingrich out of the closet on Marriage - Gay and Straight

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Sioux City, IA (MMD Newswire) December 8, 2011 -- A Sioux City pastor, prominent in the defeat of three Iowa Supreme Court justices last year for their same-sex marriage ruling, announced today that a hip-hop video calling Newt Gingrich "the GOP's Kim Kardashian for his many infidelities on marriage - gay, straight and his own" would be delivered, via text messaging starting today at 10 am, to every registered Republican or non-aligned Iowa voter with a cell phone on record.

The rhythmic, satirical 3-minute video rips Gingrich for his three marriages, two to former mistresses, one of which was his subordinate in the U.S. House and 23 years his junior: current wife and would-be First Lady, Callista Gingrich. It also blasts the former House Speaker for dodging the Iowa Family Leader's Marriage Vow - a sweeping political pledge document that addresses adultery and fidelity, gay unions and health issues, fatherless children, U.S. monogamy and Islamist polygamy - which has been signed by three 2012 Presidential hopefuls: U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Texas Governor Rick Perry, and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA).

The video's star is Molotov Mitchell, whom the Rev. Cary K. Gordon, President of PeaceMakers Institute and pastor of Sioux City's Cornerstone Church, calls "the guerilla warrior of Judeo-Christian political commentary." Mitchell is an edgy independent filmmaker whose Illuminati Pictures delivers something akin to an animated political cartoon weekly at WorldNetDaily, one of the nation's most trafficked conservative websites. Gordon also announced today that 832,897 text messages went out to Iowans last week bearing a link to his own video endorsement of a proposed GOP ticket, less than a month from the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses on January 3.

In that video, Gordon called for a marriage of sorts, urging Iowans to rally for a merger between the Santorum and Bachmann campaigns. Gordon wants Santorum to name Bachmann as his running mate now, for the event Iowans launch him to the GOP nomination, in exchange for Bachmann's merger of her campaign with his. "Michele and the two Ricks - Santorum and Perry - have each been polling in single digits for one reason: They're dividing conservative Iowa voters who delivered Mike Huckabee his upset victory here in 2008. If Santorum and Bachmann can make a deal now for a ticket - many Iowa conservatives don't care who's on top - and especially if Rick Perry would be willing to somehow join such a unity effort, we could easily have a January 3 'Rickaboom and Bachaboom' just as loud as the 'Huckaboom' of 2008," Gordon said.

Santorum and Bachmann, Gordon says, have both pledged to reinstate the military's longstanding "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy against open homosexuality, reversed earlier this year by President Obama. "Rick and Michele would make a great GOP match, and would defend Judeo-Christian monogamy, while I think it's quite clear Gingrich simply cannot be trusted with the institution of marriage in any sense," Gordon said. "I think the 2010 Esquire interview with Newt's second ex-wife and former mistress was very troubling," he said.

In his endorsement video, which popped-up on I-Phones, Droids and other such "smart phones" last weekend, Gordon emphatically rejects Iowa's 2012 frontrunners. Gordon said, "The first two, Gingrich and Ron Paul, have refused to sign all pledges against gay marriage, while third-place polling Mitt Romney went out of his way as Massachusetts governor to sign marriage licenses for homosexual couples. Romney wasn't complying with the law at that point; he was making law for same-sex marriage. He also issued a 2004 governor's "Gay Youth Pride" proclamation. "Any Iowa pastor who fails to warn his flock about Gingrich and Romney, especially, will be abdicating moral leadership in the most important election of our generation," said Gordon.

Rev. Gordon received national attention last year for "Project Jeremiah," a statewide campaign involving a controversial letter he sent to over 1,000 Iowa churches. It called for the removal of the three Iowa State Supreme Court Justices for their abuse of judicial authority in imposing same-sex marriage upon Iowans, while promising pro-bono legal defense for any Iowa church harassed by the I.R.S. for exercising their rights to free speech in the pulpit. The Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State in Washington, D.C., called Gordon's actions one of the most outrageous attempts to politicize a church that he has ever seen. The Iowa Caucuses endorsement of the Family Leader and its president, 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats, a crucial ally of Gordon's in the defeat of the justices, is still pending. So too is that of influential U.S. Rep. Steve King, Congressman for the 5th District.

During his recorded interview, Gordon praised Santorum for championing a Personhood Amendment to the Constitution, something the pastor said was necessary if Americans wished to "stop the barbaric evil of abortion once and for all." Gordon also stated, "Rick Santorum is committed to rescuing this nation from economic disaster, and that's good news for everyone concerned about their families." Gordon also noted that Gingrich recently told ABC News that human life begins not at conception, as pro-life activists generally hold, but at implantation.