House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt Statement in Response to the Governor's Budget Proposal.

“The Governor’s budget proposal is an important first step in the budgeting process. However, what is disappointing is that Governor Lynch missed a  tremendous opportunity to bring transformative change to New Hampshire state government.  Instead, he took a step back by overinflating revenue figures by nearly $300 million, which would set us up for budget deficits for the next two years.  What we need is a responsible and realistic budget for the citizens of New Hampshire, one that forces state government to live within its means.  While I applaud the Governor for the the spending cuts and savings he identified, that’s not what we got today.”
“Moreover, this budget includes a $30 car registration fee surcharge which is a huge burden to working families of New Hampshire, as well as other fees.  House Republicans have made clear that we will not raise any taxes and fees, or downshift additional costs to our municipalities and we intend to keep this commitment.”