Fred Karger Warns New Hampshire, "Maggie Gallagher = Anita Bryant" - Testifies at Statehouse Hearing in Concord


Statement by Fred Karger, founder Rights Equal Rights

Judiciary Committee
New Hampshire House of Representatives
February 17, 2011


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I am a Republican who is here today with a long and proud Republican History.  I worked as a GOP political consultant and advisor for over 30 years.  


I was a senior consultant on three Presidential campaigns, including both of Ronald Reagan’s.  He was a very fair and caring man.  


In 1978 between his time as Governor of California and President he stood with the gay community on what was then Proposition 6, the Briggs Initiative.  Prop. 6 was on the ballot that year, and would have outlawed all gay and lesbian teachers in California.  Anita Bryant and John Briggs led that hateful initiative that damaged so many lives.


Ronald Reagan did the right thing and stood up to the former beauty queen, Anita Bryant and fellow Republican State Senator John Briggs.  He said to vote no on Prop 6, and it was defeated.


33 years later we have the National Organization for Marriage and its leaders, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, the Anita Bryant and John Briggs of New Hampshire.  NOM has been here for three years and spent millions to take away rights from New Hampshire residents.

Anita Bryant and Maggie Gallagher


Since 2007, Maggie and Brian have funded every single fight against gay marriage all over the country, and they refuse to reveal where all their millions come from.

John Briggs and Brian Brown


I know this.  I got them investigated next door in Maine for suspected money laundering.  NOM gave $1.9 million - 2/3 of all the money raised to pass Amendment 1 which took away that state's gay marriage law.

That investigation by the Maine Ethics Commission has been underway for over 15 months.  NOM has sued Maine to keep their money secret, as they have done in 22 other states.

They will attack anyone who gets in their way.  You have seen it in New Hampshire.

Stand up to NOM's bullying and do the right thing.  Vote NO on these two bills and let New Hampshire continue to lead the way in equality for all.

That's what Ronald Reagan would do.  

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