House Majority Leader Calls On Gov. Lynch to Help Return Fiscal Sanity to NH

Republicans Release Revenue Numbers That Will Serve as the Foundation for the Budget

Concord—House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today called upon Gov. Lynch to join with the Republican Majority in balancing a state budget without the accounting gimmicks, increased taxes, bonding, downshifting or unrealistic revenue figures that we have witnessed over the past four years.

“With today’s announcement of very realistic revenue numbers that will serve as the foundation of our budget, we are beginning a long process to deal with the state’s $1 Billion deficit,” said Bettencourt.  “Revenue estimates contained within the Governor’s previous budget were artificially inflated.  When those estimates fell substantially short, Democrats resorted to raising more than 100 taxes and fees, accounting gimmicks, downshifting, bonding and one-time monies to balance their budget.  The House Ways & Means committee, in bi-partisan fashion, has supported these numbers that we present to you today, and I urge the governor to be equally realistic in his revenue estimates when he delivers his budget later this month,” added Bettencourt.

At a press conference today in Concord, House Finance Chairman Ken Weyler (R-Kingston) said that Republicans were committed to crafting a state budget that will include no more $4.4 billion in anticipated revenue over the next two years.  “If state revenues far exceed our estimates, then we can look at investing in the Rainy Day Fund and lowering additional taxes and fees,” added Bettencourt.

The Republican budget plan also repeals the $30 car registration fee hike, eliminates the gambling winnings tax, and reduces the auto inspection sticker fees, marriage license feels, vital records fees, application fees for builders, license renewal fee increases for restaurants and lodging facilities, and pet store license fees.

“The families of New Hampshire are forced to live within their means and state government must lead by example.  I applaud the work of the members of both Finance and House Ways & Means, and I look forward to seeing a realistic set of revenue numbers for Governor Lynch that are fiscally responsible,” he concluded.