NH GOP Chairman Blasts Terie Norelli Plans for More Tax Hikes

CONCORD-New Hampshire Republican Chairman Jack Kimball blasted remarks made by House Minority Leader Terie Norelli that taxes are too low and need to be increased. 


Yesterday, House Republicans released responsible revenue figures and made clear that these represented the maximum spending for the state and that any additional funds would be returned to state taxpayers or used to provide tax relief to New Hampshire taxpayers or in the Rainy Day Fund.  Norelli made clear that revenue numbers should be increased to support more state spending.


"It's obvious that Terie Norelli and the Democrats still haven't figured out why they were thrown out of office in November and why the voters gave the Republicans supermajorities in the House and Senate.  The Democrats' fiscal mismanagement has left the state with over 100 tax and fee increases and yet we still face a budget deficit of close to $1 billion.  They need to get the message that New Hampshire is sick of their taxing and spending, which is why they are in the minority," said Kimball.


"House Republicans have done something that the Democrats would never do: draw a line in the sand to stop the spending and provide tax cuts.  The fact that we are talking about giving money back to our taxpayers and not looking to raise taxes shows just how far we have come, and just how out of touch Terie Norelli is from the citizens of New Hampshire."