Bettencourt statement on Legislative Administration committee matter regarding Rep. Michael Brunelle (D-Manchester)

The following statement was issued by House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) with regard the recommendation by the House Legislative Administration committee on the matter regarding Rep. Michael Brunelle’s (D-Manchester) qualifications to serve subject to Part II, Article 7 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

“The Legislative Administration committee has done the job asked of them by the speaker.    It is clear from their final report that there is sufficient ambiguity in the way the constitution can be interpreted with regard to this issue.  I appreciate the thorough and careful deliberation the committee has given to this matter. I believe that, in the end,  they have made the correct decision and that we can now move forward. All legislators need to be mindful that they are held to a higher standard of ethics by the public when serving as an elected official.  From the beginning this was about ethics and guarding the trust between representatives and their constituents. It is now up to the committee appointed by the speaker to determine appropriate changes in our House rules to guide our members and ensure proper ethics in the future.”