House Republican Leadership Responds to Governor Lynch Criticism

CONCORD – House Speaker William O'Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today released the following statement in response to Gov. Lynch press release on the House budget. 

“Unfortunately, Governor Lynch offered a budget that was roughly $300 million out of balance and includes $250 million in tax and fee increases.  He had the opportunity to provide an honest, transparent budget that did not raise taxes, but he chose not to do so.  Now, the House must take responsibility to do what New Hampshire voters demanded when they went to the polls in November – deliver a state budget with no new taxes or fees that uses responsible revenue figures and retains critical services statewide.  We would have preferred to have an ally in the Governor in giving the citizens a fiscally responsible budget, but he has sadly taken the side of bigger government over protecting the taxpayers of New Hampshire,” said House Speaker William O’Brien.

 “First Governor Lynch gave us a budget that continued to downshift millions of additional costs to our cities and towns while taxing our citizens even further, and then he chooses to stand on the sidelines and criticize the tough and responsible decisions that the House Finance committee is being forced to make thanks to the overspending and malfeasance of the Democrats over the past two budgets. For the Governor to claim budget decisions are being made without regard to the people is absurd and dishonest. House leadership is saddled with undoing the fiscal nightmare and chaos he and the Democrats caused over the past four years,” said House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem)

Bettencourt continued, “The out-of-control spending, accounting gimmicks and schemes left the taxpayers of New Hampshire with 100 new taxes and fees and a nearly billion dollar budget deficit. The Governor could have made the tough decisions to reduce state spending, but unfortunately he chose to lazily overinflate revenues and raise taxes and fees on the working families and small businesses of the state once again. The Governor could have been truthful with his revenue projections – we saw in February just how inflated and irresponsible the Governors revenue numbers continue to be. For him to make these claims when he came up $16.3 million short in February alone is outrageous. All because of his addiction to big spending. House leadership came up with an honest, realistic revenue projection for this budget and we’re sticking to it. This isn’t a game of Monopoly – this is taxpayer’s money. Governor Lynch has lost all credibility to lecture Republicans on the difficult choices that must be made in our economy.”