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NH state spending is open to the public
This week, the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy opened up a new era in government transparency in New Hampshire.  After two years of hard work, we launched, a free searchable online database that  makes all state spending down to the dollar available online.  You can already search nearly half a million state government transactions, and we'll be adding state payroll data and monthly spending updates going forward.  Sunlight is truly the best disinfectant, and from now on, our state officials will know that the public will see how the spend our money.

Read about NH Open Gov in the Nashua Telegraph, or listen on NH Public Radio.

Keep NH Open Gov online!

Our searchable database and the Josiah Bartlett Center entirely supported by voluntary contributions.  We need your help to keep the spotlight on state government and preserve public access to every dollar of state spending.  Please send a $10 tax deductible contribution to NH Open Gov today.

The Cloakroom- Transparency and Building Aid

In this week's edition of The Cloakroom, host Grant Bosse covers the launch of, and interviews Senator Bob Odell (R-Lempster) about how the Unity School District is trying to rebuild after the State Board of Education shut down its school.  Sen. Odell also addresses the state Building Aid Program and the NH Budget.  Watch New Hampshire's only public policy video magazine in The Cloakroom, every Thursday at NH Watchdog.

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How much should NH spend on local schools?

This week, the New Hampshire House approved a bill to change the formula defining an “adequate education” and a Constitutional Amendment to give the Legislature broader discretion over state education aid. In our weekly NH Watchdog Poll, we ask a more fundamental question about the proper level of state support for public education in New Hampshire.

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