You're invited! Human Achievement Hour, March 26

Human Achievement Hour

On Saturday March 26th 2011, some individuals, business, and governments will shut off their lights for one hour as a symbolic vote against global climate change. We think this sends the wrong message and represents a rejection of human innovation and progress. 


Instead, join the Competitive Enterprise for Human Achievement Hour – an annual celebration of individual freedom and appreciation of the achievements and innovations that people have used to improve their lives throughout history. 


During Human Achievement Hour, enjoy the benefits of capitalism and human innovation.  Spend that hour with your lights *on*!


You can also utilize one of man’s greatest achievements, the Internet, to join CEI’s in-house party, which will live stream right here at beginning at 8:00 pm EST. You can use the chat function to tell us how you are celebrating human achievement in your neighborhood


Let's see how far we've come!

Date: 03/26/2011
Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm