NH House Leaders Congratulate Senate for Passing Right to Work

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt today offered the following statement after the Senate voted to pass HB 474, right to work legislation for the state.

“Right to work means more economic growth and more jobs here in New Hampshire, plain and simple.  I commend the Senate for passing this important legislation to help ensure that our workers never have to be forced to join or pay a union.  The Granite State is now one step closer to becoming the first right to work state in the Northeast, joining 22 other states nationally who have given their workers this important protection,” said O’Brien.

“While our focus in Concord has been on balancing the budget,  it is also important that we work to make our state an attractive destination for business.   The right to work legislation  is one of many pieces that will help us put out the "Open for  Business" sign and  make New Hampshire  a  choice state  in which  to do business,” said Bettencourt.