Bettencourt statement:SB 78 (including amendment to lower gas tax)

The following statement was issued today following the vote on SB 78, which included a House amendment to lower the gas tax by five cents.
"The people of our state need our help in these tough economic times.  The price of  gas at the pumps is increasing on a daily basis and it's time to help the taxpayers of this state in any way we can.  While a five cent decrease may not seem like much at face value, it will add up when motorists fill their tanks each week. 
And as a resident of the border town of Salem, I am also confident that lower prices in New Hampshire will encourage those living along the border in Massachusetts to come here and purchase gas along with lottery tickets, liquor and other consumables.  I know the  Governor Lynch has called this a gimmick.  In response I would simply ask him what his plan is to offer our residents relief at the as pumps."