Josiah Bartlett Releases Budget by the Numbers

Local Aid down 4%; Government Operations cut 19.5%

The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy compiled an apples-to-apples comparison showing the House passed budget cut of 11% includes a 4% cut to local aid but a 19% cut to government operations. The 19% cut to state government itself can be divided into a 29% cut for the bulk of state government and a 1% cut to HHS, which can also be considered 12% if you add in one-time stimulus money that went away.
The data is contained in two spreadsheets posted on the Center’s website. “We are committed to making the bottom line of the state budget more accessible to the New Hampshire citizen and this is the first step in that process,” Josiah Bartlett Center President Charlie Arlinghaus said. “The data in the state financial reports, because of our fund accounting system, makes some comparisons for FY2010 and FY2011 difficult. Some money that might be thought of as general fund for practical terms is categorized as federal funds but behaves as if it were general fund.”
“As an example, a straight comparison of general funds spent on the department of HHS shows flat funding but the stimulus money, funded by a one-time increased Medicaid matching percentage, functioned in most practical ways as if it were general fund money. Although the increased federal grant was a one-time windfall, it was used to fund ongoing programs which to be supported at the same level would require the one-time stimulus money to be replaced with general funds. Our goal is to try and tease out those differences and explain them so citizens can make their own judgments.”
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