House Republicans Praise Jobs Report, Say State Must Do More to Continue Growth

CONCORD – House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today praised the news that New Hampshire’s unemployment rate for April has dropped to 4.9%.  For the month, 1,960 residents found work to bring the state total to 707,950.  The state unemployment rate has dropped from 5.5% when Republican took control of the Legislature.

“It appears that we are starting to bear the fruit of our hard work in the New Hampshire legislature. In today’s world of ‘instant gratification,’ many people expect jobs to be created overnight. But it took four years of taxing and spending to get us into this mess and the problem is not going to be solved overnight. It is clear that, through the passage of pro-business legislation, which included 30 bills that cut regulations on small  business, employers are now showing the confidence to hire new workers and expand our economy.

Republicans will continue to promote policies that will enhance New Hampshire’s pro-business environment and undue the damage of the Democrats’ four year policy of ‘tax, spend and regulate,” said Bettencourt.