Concord Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party today released the following statement regarding President Obama’s 1967 border plan for Israel.

“President Obama has signed a death warrant for the State of Israel by suggesting a return to 1967 borders. Those borders were the original reason that Israel was continuously threatened with war by the surrounding Arab Countries.   Reverting to those borders would provide Israel with just a small eight mile wide border which can easily be breached by artillery or short range missiles.  Clearly Israel will not agree to this suicidal plan but, as a result, they will now be looked upon as the major clog in the effort to negotiate a two state solution.  This will only incite and motivate Middle Eastern countries, currently in turmoil, to focus on one common enemy and the destruction of Israel.”

“There is no doubt President Obama is the new Jimmy Carter with respect to Israel.  He has betrayed our strongest ally in the Middle East.   His foreign policy for the past two years has been horrible, but this is beyond the pale.”

“I commend the Republicans who have stood up for Israel and criticized Obama for this disastrous plan. It is critical at this juncture that all Republican presidential candidates continue to publicly reassert their unwavering support for the State of Israel.  President Obama’s radical policies are destroying our country’s economy and they are also destroying our reputation in the world.  By appeasing our enemies and abandoning our allies, he has made it clear how he feels about America.    We must make certain that we rid ourselves of President Obama in the 2012 election.  We, in New Hampshire, intend to do our part by putting forth the Republican nominee that will become the next President of the United States.”