Bettencourt statement on Senate budget.

The following statement from House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) is in response to news that a Senate committee working on the state budget is wrapping up work on the Senate version of the State budget. 

"The Senate has worked extremely hard on this budget and has held to the same core principles as the House did in terms of avoiding any new taxes and  fees or bonding future operating expenses.  I commend Senator Morse and his committee for a job well done under extremely difficult circumstances.  In the end the Senate used the opportunity to put their imprint on the budget very wisely.   I am also very pleased that they were able to shift some funding  back to Health and Human Services so that we may continue to help some our most needy citizens.  Once the full Senate finishes their work on the budget, I look forward to a productive committee of conference that will result in the best possible budget for the people of our State."