Right to Work and RGGI repeal are top-priority GOP efforts to promote jobs and economic opportunity

CONCORD, N.H.―Republican members of the New Hampshire House and Senate must find the courage to pass legislation to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and make New Hampshire the 23rd Right to Work state in the country, said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire.

“Both of these bills—the repeal of RGGI and the Right to Work bill—will promote jobs and economic opportunity in the State of New Hampshire, which is exactly what the people of New Hampshire elected Republicans to do,” Hemingway said. “Republican lawmakers have to stop worrying about the loud Democratic minority that is obviously against these efforts. After all, the Democrats’ spend-then-tax, big-government agenda is why the people threw Democrats out of office.

“The people who elected Republicans should not have to come to Concord to defend the clear message they sent in November to get government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs and economic opportunity,” Hemingway continued. “These voters should have the confidence that the Republicans they elected will have enough courage to see through the smokescreen created by the Democratic machine. They should have the confidence that Republicans will pass needed job-attracting legislation like Right to Work and free up more private capital for job creation by eliminating unneeded tax schemes like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just announced this week that he would remove New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, calling the program “a failure” that “is not effective in reducing greenhouse gases and is unlikely to be in the future.” He said the initiative was simply a tax scheme designed to “tax electricity, tax our citizens and tax our businesses.”

“If Democratic New Jersey can identify the failure, false hope and negative affect on businesses and job creation of the RGGI scheme, then it is incumbent on the New Hampshire Republican supermajority to answer the call of voters and eliminate this economically crippling initiative,” Hemingway said.

South Carolina’s U.S. Senator Jim DeMint recently commissioned a study that shows Right to Work states have more new residents, more new businesses, more new jobs and faster income growth than forced unionization states like New Hampshire. The Senator pointed out how unions are taking people’s hard-earned money as they are “struggling … to put food on the table” just to keep “counterproductive work rules” in place.

“No one should be forced to give up a part of their paychecks to a private, third-party organization just go get and keep a job,” Hemingway said. “Unions should not fear Right to Work so long as they have no problem being accountable to workers who voluntarily join their organizations. If workers believe unions provide a benefit to them on the job, then they will join even with Right to Work legislation in place. Giving workers that choice will ensure companies can prosper, which will in turn allow them to hire more workers. That’s just what New Hampshire needs right now.”