NH House Leadership Statements on Passage of SB 129 (Voter ID bill)

CONCORD – The House today voted 243-111 to pass SB 129, which would require voters to present valid photo ID at the polls. House leaders released the following statements:

 “This is an important common-sense reform to protect the integrity of New Hampshire’s elections. All eligible individuals should feel empowered to exercise their constitutional right to vote—but the public deserves to know exactly who is voting. SB 129 ensures voters are who they say they are and that the ‘one man, one vote’ principle is preserved,” said House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon).

 “Requiring identification to vote for the purpose of ensuring fair and ethical elections is long overdue. SB 129 ensures that no person will be turned away if they do not have an ID with them but will be provided with a provisional ballot and that those who do not have a valid ID they may obtain a non-driver photo ID free of charge from the Department of Motor Vehicles. With the bills the Democrats passed in recent years, they have compromised the integrity of state elections. With this bill, Republicans have ensured that we will have a clean and fair vote,” said House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem).

(Following the vote, SB 129 was referred to House  Finance.)