NH House Majority - Statement on Veto of Parental Notification

The following statement was issued by House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt following today's veto by Gov. John Lynch of the parental notification legislation.
"I am disappointed that our governor has turned his back on the parents of New Hampshire by vetoing legislation that supports their right to know when their minor daughter chooses to have an abortion.  This is infuriating to House leadership who had received a verbal commitment from the governor that he would work with us on parental notification language that he could agree with.  Throughout the entire process Governor Lynch remained silent and now it is clear that he misled us and never had any intention of working toward protecting children or parental rights in New Hampshire. In 2006 he told his constituents, 'As governor, and as a father, I believe parents should be involved in these important decision.'  But once again, when it comes time to make the hard decisions, Governor Lynch has proven that he is not a leader.  Instead he has shown that beneath his friendly moderate facade lurks a radical who has sided with the extreme special interest groups in denying a parent the right to know what is happening in the lives of their minor children.
Today an underage girl still needs a note from her parents to take a different bus home from school, or to be able to get something as simple as an aspirin from the school nurse, or even get her ears pierced.  But, thanks to action taken today  by Governor Lynch, if the same girl seeks an abortion, she doesn't  need approval from her parents or to even tell them what she is doing.  They will have no role to play at all in one of the most critical decisions in her young life," said Bettencourt.