Chairman Kimball, NHGOP, to Obama: "Quit playing political games with oil"



CONCORD- In response to the White House decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for 30,000,000 barrels of oil, NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball released the following statement:

"It pains me to say this, but it is becoming clear that our President can't be trusted to protect our nation's strategic assets.  The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was created as a reaction to the OPEC oil embargo in the early 1970s.  Now, in 2011, we are still just as dependent on foreign nations, including hostile ones, and Obama is stifling domestic energy production."

"We should only tap the SPR for crisis situations and severe supply interruptions.  The fact is we do have a crisis.  It's a leadership crisis in the White House with a President who has no solution for America's energy demands.  He sees his poll numbers dropping, and he's decided to politicize the strategic reserve. But we can't be playing political games with our nation's strategic assets. This is a stunt, not a solution. This won't provide lasting relief at the pumps, and it won't provide relief for his plummeting approval ratings."

"For this economy to recover, and to get people back to work, we need clean, abundant, and affordable energy produced here in America.  We need to pursue immediately an all-of-the-above strategy.  That strategy should include closing the Department of Energy and having a top-to-bottom review of the EPA, a job-killing regulatory monstrosity."

"But please let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is just an economic concern.  This is a concern for our national security and our very identity.  We cannot continue to bankroll hostile regimes with our energy dollars.  People across America are suffering under a President who needs on-the-job training, and one who is apparently not a very quick study."