NH House Leaders Respond to Budget Becoming Law at Midnight

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) offered the following statements in response to the state budget becoming law at midnight and Governor Lynch’s criticism of the budget, which he refused to veto.

House Speaker William O’Brien

 “This budget shifts how we do business in state government.  Instead of the last two budgets that Governor Lynch signed, which raised over 100 taxes and fees, and blew the lid off state spending, this responsible, affordable budget provides tax relief to help our economy grow and create jobs while tightening our belt, as the working families of New Hampshire are doing right now across New Hampshire.  If Governor Lynch really has a problem with this budget, he should veto it and make a case for an alternative.  He offered his plan in February: more new fees, more taxes more inflated revenues and more fiscal irresponsibility.  His plan would have sent us right back into the fiscal mess we are trying to fix.  The Governor’s plan is to turn New Hampshire into a state just like our neighbors; our budget restores what make the Granite State special.” 

Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

 “By his criticism, Governor Lynch has shown his true colors.  He’s a big spending, high taxing partisan who only pays lip service to fiscal responsibility.  However, he does have a veto pen, and my advice to him is this: ‘Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way.’  The Governor was not involved at all after his discredited budget was pushed aside for one that lives within our means, yet now he wants to criticize from afar.  He is simply pushing the Democrats’ playbook of tax, spend and repeat.”