U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta on President Obama's Threat to Veto 'Cut, Cap and Balance'

(WASHINGTON – July 18, 2011)  U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) released the follow statement in response to President Obama’s threat to veto Cut, Cap and Balance legislation the House is scheduled to vote on this week.  Rep. Guinta is a co-sponsor of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act:

“According to President Obama, Washington doesn’t need a constitutional amendment to rein in spending and reduce our debt and deficit.  Coming from an Administration that has run up our nation’s credit card with an additional $3.7 trillion in debt since he took office in January of 2009, this threat should come with no surprise.

The President's veto warning further represents a failure of his ability to lead in these debt ceiling discussions. The American people are given two stark, drastically different choices. We can continue down the same failed tax and spend path that both parties have lead us down for years or we can fundamentally change track.  We can turn our country toward the direction that Granite Staters have asked me to fight for – a course that reins in our debt and deficit, creates an environment that produces middle class jobs and finally forces the federal government to balance its budget like families across America do every day.”