NH House Leaders on Liquor Commission Decision to Review Parking Policy

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and House Majority Whip Peter Silva, of Nashua, today offered the following statements in response to the State Liquor Commission’s vote to review the parking situation regarding the new Nashua store.  The building has prime parking spaces, closest to the door of the store, placed exclusively for hybrid and low emission vehicles, favoring those over spots reserved for those with handicapped tags.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“While we would certainly prefer an immediate change in policy to move the handicapped spaces closest to the door, this is a good first step to remedy the Liquor Commission’s decision to give preference to those who drive certain cars above those who have demonstrated mobility problems.  We still want an answer as to why the Commission supports the idea of assigning parking on the basis of what kind of car one drives, and I hope to hear their response soon. We also would like an analysis of the procedures the Liquor Commission used that lead to this situation happening.”

House Majority Whip Peter Silva

“A simple review of the parking situation is absolutely unacceptable.  Until the Liquor Commission reverses their outrageous decision to make disabled individuals, including wounded veterans, walk by spots reserved for people who own the upscale cars of the moment, the residents of Nashua will not be satisfied.  Until these spots are taken out and handicapped spots are put in their place, we will continue to keep the pressure on to end this nonsense.  I know that many members of the Nashua delegation will not tolerate this ongoing effort to put pandering to environmental special interests above taking care of the disabled.”