Strafford County GOP Calls for Due Process for Chairman Kimball

Dover, NH - The voting members of the Strafford County Delegation to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee unanimously voted today for a resolution directing their elected officers to stop the hasty vote to remove State Chairman Jack Kimball.

The resolution opens with the statement that the Strafford County Delegation constitutes 37 out of the 493 voting members of the Republican State Committee. In total it enumerates 10 points that describe several violations of normal due process, including calling a vote to remove the Chairman with only a week's notice, not requiring specific charges to be levied against the Chairman, not affording an appropriate timeframe for a proper defense, not constituting an investigatory committee to make a recommendation to the Executive Committee, and placing such an important and extraordinary decision in the hands of such a small minority, as compared with the 493 voting members of the State Committee.

The resolution further calls for the State Committee to refer the vote to the entire membership, to amend the bylaws to enumerate "removable offenses," and to require that the entire membership of the State Committee be involved in the process to remove any officer.

Accompanying the resolution is a petition, which was voluntarily signed by the entire State Committee membership present and constituting a quorum of the Stafford County Republican Committee Delegates. The petition includes several state legislators and local party chairs, and directs their representatives, including the Strafford County Chairwoman, the Area 2 Vice Chair, the National Committeeman and Committeewoman, and the other officers of the committee, who serve at the pleasure of their members, to vote in accordance with the directive of their constituents.

At the heart of the resolution and petition is the concept that due process must accompany any effort to remove an officer, as well as the hope that by affording additional time for the entire membership to consider the issue, cooler heads may yet prevail.