NH GOP calls on Sen Shaheen to Condemn Joe Biden's Reckless comments about NH Primary Status

Concord, NH – Joe Biden yesterday attempted to minimize the significance of the New Hampshire Presidential primary in response to Florida’s decision to break the rules and move their primary up.  (You can see Joe Biden’s comments HERE.)

NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald released the following statement on the situation:

"Jeanne Shaheen and Ray Buckley should immediately condemn the Vice President for his statements and vigorously defend New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation status.  It is insulting that Joe Biden would insinuate that New Hampshire is a small and insignificant state in comparison to states like California and Florida.

“Jeanne Shaheen’s democrat party was quick to criticize New Hampshire Republicans for Florida’s move yesterday, yet remains silent while Vice President Joe Biden is in Florida undermining the importance of the New Hampshire Primary.  Myself as well as the Republican members of the delegation, were quick to weigh-in in support of our Primary yesterday, we expect the same reaction from the Democrat party when it is one of thier own who attacks our First in the Nation status," said Wayne MacDonald.