NH House Leaders Statement on Bill Changing DRA Business Tax Filing Practices

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and House Assistant Deputy Majority Leader Laurie Sanborn today offered the following statement on the passage of House Bill 564, which passed 271 to 82. HB 564 relates to the adoption of forms by the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) for filing businesses taxes.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“This bill addresses and remedies a situation caused by Department of Revenue Administration making changes to our business taxation administratively, circumventing the legislative process. Changing the requirements for reporting business taxes was a creative way for the DRA to tax more and further penalize our businesses. Removing excessive legislation on our employers is a positive step in supporting a strong and competitive economic climate in New Hampshire. Jobs and the economy continue to be our priority in the second half of the legislative session.”

House Assistant Deputy Majority Leader Laurie Sanborn

“This bill restores legislative oversight, transparency, and public input to the most important area affecting our state’s employers. It also removes a mandate and eliminates a costly $5,000 penalty fee for certain companies required to pay taxes by electronic funds transfer. The intent of legislation like House Bill 564 is to improve the relationship between business and government and improve the climate for job creation and economic expansion in our state.”