NH House Speaker Statement on Poor Management by Lynch Administration

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today reacted to the closure of the state Department of Health and Human Services building on Hazen Drive in Concord. The building houses the state’s Division of Public Health, which responds to public health threats, inquiries, and other emerging health issues in New Hampshire. The Public Health Labs, contained in the Division of Public Health, is the state’s entity in dealing with emergency matters of disease outbreaks, newly developing diseases, product contamination and/or tampering, and terrorism response.
House Speaker William O’Brien
“There should be outrage at the Governor’s shoddy management practices that would allow a building to get so cold that an entire fish bowl was frozen solid. It is even more concerning that this wasn’t just any building but the one that houses our state’s public health division and the laboratories tasked with dealing with emergency public health matters like sudden disease outbreaks and biological terrorism attacks. If we were to have a situation in which there was a potentially communicable disease, our public health lab is closed indeterminately with no way to handle such an emergent crisis.”
House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt
“New Hampshire deserves a Governor who is attentive to its needs and is competent in administering and protecting its assets. Let’s hope one surfaces in the next election.”