Concord, NH – At its Executive Committee meeting last night, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee adopted a resolution stating the NHGOP’s “strong opposition to continued efforts by Democrat legislators and the Governor to defeat legislation requiring voters to present photo identification in order to register and vote in New Hampshire.”  More than thirty states already have identification requirements on the books, including Democrat-controlled states such as Connecticut and Rhode Island.  New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement about the resolution:

“Voters should be outraged by the recent reports of voter fraud in New Hampshire, and the action taken by the NH GOP reflects the frustration many people across our state are feeling.  It’s a shame that Governor Lynch and Democrats in the legislature have insisted that no problem exists and in the past have opposed efforts that would strengthen our laws.  More than thirty states, both blue and red, already have voter ID requirements on the books and, given our First-in-the-Nation Primary role, we should too.  We must do all that we can to stamp out voter fraud while ensuring that voters get to fairly exercise one of their most fundamental rights.  Protecting the integrity of our elections is fundamental to our democracy.”

Speaker Bill O’Brien moved the motion, which received a second from Manchester Republican Committee Chairman Jeff Frost.