NHDP Statement from Chair Ray Buckley on the SOTU

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, Ray Buckley, released the following statement on President Obama's State of the Union address.


"Tonight President Obama delivered a forceful, impassioned State of the Union Address that outlined his blueprint for an American economy built to last - an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.


"We have a clear and distinct choice facing us as a state and a country.  The fundamental American promise - that if you work hard you can do well enough to raise a family, own a home, and one day retire - hangs in the balance.  To get there we must, as the President argued this evening, repair the economic security of the middle class which has been eroding for decades. No longer should New Hampshire's working families, both those in the middle class and those striving to get there, be forced to pay a higher tax rate than multimillionaires like Mitt Romney.


"Over the next few months, Granite Staters have a critical choice to make with so much at stake for the future of the middle class. While the President outlined an agenda tonight that will strengthen the middle class, Republicans in the State House, in Congress and competing for the presidential nomination remain focused on pushing an out of touch social agenda and advocating policies that will benefit the top 1% at the expense of everyone else.


"I sincerely hope that Senator Ayotte, Congressman Bass, and Congressman Guinta will put partisanship aside and work with President Obama to support job creation and sustainable economic growth."