NH House leadership statement on passage of HB 309, regarding the Repeal of Health Insurance Mandates

The following statement was issued by New Hampshire House Leadership today following the House vote (229-133) to pass HB 309, regarding the repeal of health insurance mandates.

Speaker of the House William O'Brien:


“Repealing health insurance mandates will reduce the cost of healthcare to individuals and businesses in the right way as opposed to how Washington intends to provide healthcare, which is to force Obamacare on our citizens with individual mandates. The bill repeals seven insurance mandates, which will help out our small businesses that have a hard time paying for healthcare to their employees because they cannot afford it. The extra savings from premiums may even mean there is more money in the pockets of our small business owners to create more jobs.”

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt:  



"I applaud the committee for their hard work over the summer in coming up with legislation that will lessen the impact that mandates have on the small group and individual markets by implementing utilization review to insure that any mandate is not abused.  As amended, this bill will make insurance coverage for midwives optional while clarifying the coverage for hearing aids.  As Republicans we support the repeal of any mandate that will drive up costs and hurt our business community.  Excessive mandates are de facto taxes on employers and consumers that stifle job growth, hamper innovation, and postpone investment in the economy."