Bettencourt Comments on Senate Changes to CACR6

CONCORD - House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today offered the following comments on the New Hampshire Senate's changes to CACR6:

"Simply put, the Senate's amendment to CACR6 makes it easier for your taxes to be increased. The House version of CACR6  places necessary hurdles to tax and fee increases in the form of a three-fifths majority vote. We've seen in other states that spending caps simply create a ceiling that state spending rises to.

The Senate’s decision to amend CACR6 has not only jeopardized the House’s ability to pass a constitutional amendment on education funding, but also any hopes of expanded gaming’s passage in the House. CACR6, as it passed the House, was Republicans assurance that we could not only continue to grow jobs and expand our economy by having a low tax environment here in  New Hampshire, but also gave us the confidence that gaming revenues would not be used to simply grow big government. We see no support in the House for the Senate changes to CACR6. The importance of CACR6 to a broad spectrum of Republicans in the House cannot be overstated and as a result this may compromise our ability to garner the necessary support for the Senate version of CACR12."