NH House Leaders Statement on Override of Governor’s Veto of House Redistricting Plan

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today offered the following statement in response to the House’s vote to override the governor’s veto on House Bill 592, a plan to redistrict state House of Representative seats.  The veto was override by a vote of 246-112.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“This redistricting plan returns our state to the type of local representation that the voters expected when they passed the constitutional amendment in 2006 to we have smaller representative districts.  By going from the current 103 districts to 204, our residents will have more of a chance to have a close relationship with their House members, and our representatives will have a greater chance to know their friends and neighbors who elect them.  In fact, prior to the last redistricting effort in 2002, the House had only 195 districts, so we have exceeded that high standard for local representation.  This is a good plan and the House has done a great job of giving the public even greater access to their elected officials.”

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

“The Governor’s veto was ill-conceived and purely political.  House Republicans have sent a clear message that if the governor wants to play partisan games with a great redistricting plan, he will get shot down.  Our caucus has put forth a redistricting plan that will ensure that our friends and neighbors will elect people in their communities to represent them in the State House.  Today, the voters can now be assured they will get people who will be in touch with their communities.”