NH House Members Respond to Unfounded Allegation by Attorney General’s Office

Report finds no misconduct, wrongdoing by reps. at Ballot Law Commission meeting

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Delaney’s office to share the findings of a report that Attorney General Delaney had requested after a Ballot Law Commission (BLC) meeting last November.  Assistant Attorney General George Mavrogeorge in a memorandum to Delaney had claimed that he feared for his safety. During the review by both the State Police and the Chief of Protective Services for the Legislature, others interviewed had expressed no such concern for safety. In reading the findings both by security personnel and by House Counsel, four significant conclusions are apparent: no laws were broken at the BLC meeting, there were no violations of legislative ethics, there was no identified misuse of office, and security procedures were adequate and appropriate.

House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Chairman, Al Baldasarro

“These reports have fully cleared the representatives involved. In the Attorney General’s rush to judgment he dragged myself, and other representatives present, through the mud and owes us an apology. Further, he tied up the time of not only the state police captain but also the security chief of the legislature, which was a momentous misuse of their time and an abominable waste of taxpayer money.”

Rep. Harry Accornero

“After reviewing the report it is obvious this was an attempt by the Attorney General to malign representatives’ characters and since chose to make a public show of his politicized concerns in the press, I also believe he owes us a public apology. Myself, and others, simply were doing what we felt was right in standing up for the New Hampshire Constitution and, while our opinions and beliefs can differ, there is no excuse for such intentional malice.”


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Mavrogeorge claim of events

AG Review Request to State Police

Security Review

Memo from House Counsel

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