NH House Majority Leader Comments on Bills Passed During Wednesday Session

CONCORD – House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today offered the following statements on several pieces of legislation passed by the House. All of the following bills appeared on the consent calendar and were adopted by the House by a majority voice vote Wednesday afternoon.
HB1172 - authorizing nano brewery licensees to sell their products at farmers' markets:
"HB 1172 is yet another example of this House working in bipartisan fashion to create a better and more competitive business environment for our citizens and businesses. By allowing licensed nano breweries to sell their products at farmer markets, we have helped get rid of some red tape and restrictions that have been put on our state’s small businesses in favor of a more streamline and competitive environment. This bill should be a prime example of what good legislation can do in regards to improving the many growing and niche industries throughout our state."
HB 1583 - relative to immunity for school personnel using reasonable force to protect a minor:
"The safety and protection of our teachers and school professionals is of great importance to this Legislature. By proving these safeguards we have reestablished this commitment and helped to allow teachers to do what they do best, which is educate our state’s students in a safe and secure environment."
HB 1410 - makes various changes to securities regulation laws:
"This bill will greatly strengthen the investigative powers of the state’s securities statues in order to help prevent any future fraud or deceit similar to the FRM tragedy. It is a long standing principal of the Republican Party to support legislation that creates efficient and honest government, and this bill help to ensure that these principals remain intact."
HB 1127 - relative to barbering apprentices:
"This Republican Legislature has been steadfast in its commitment to finding new and creative ways to help remove unnecessary regulations for our citizens and businesses. By removing needleless requirements in any profession, we help to make this state more business friendly and allow new avenues for our entrepreneurial class to contribute to our state."

HB1371 - relative to conflicts of interest of county government officials:
"This bill will help to continue the Republican Majority’s goal of open, honest and transparent government. By adding an avenue through which we can stop conflicts of interest on the county level, we have once again shown that our priorities will always fall in line with responsible government and officials who work for their constituents instead of their own personal gain."