NH House Majority Leader Comments on Bill to Require Business, Financial Literacy as to High School Graduation Prerequisite

CONCORD – House Majority Leader (R-Salem) today offered the following comments relative to the passage of House Bill House Bill 1703, which would require a course in business or financial literacy as a prerequisite to high school graduation. The bill passed on a voice vote.

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

It is vitally important that our students are ready and prepared for the obstacles they will face in today’s society. This bill will help equip all of our high school graduates with the financial literacy that is required to be a responsible and active member in our state. By giving our students a foundation in budgets, loans, investments, and home finance we will have prepared them for some of the major obstacles they will face in their adult life and given them the tools to succeed in whatever their life goals might be.