Jordan Ulery Responds - Granite State Progress Urges NH House Republicans To Sever Ties with ALEC

Ms Rice-Hawkins;

Once again you prove to be the gift that keeps on giving.  ALEC is a registered trademark and the use of the name is a civil violation if one should choose to undertake the suit.

In addition, you seem to miss the point.  The ALEC inspired, if not model, legislation was mostly passed in the House with bipartisan support.  Sure, some of the bills were exceptionally partisan, but those had absolutely nothing to do with special interests groups or special privileges for special people.  Indeed those type of bills were, mostly defeated this term and in previous terms.  Neither Party takes too well to special privileges being given at the expense of the citizen.  Threats such as ‘we are compiling a list and checking it twice to be used to intimidate and force you to vote the way our elitist cabal wants you to vote’ do not work on a free Representative Body.  We get paid $100.00 per year.  You cannot threaten to take away our salary –we do not have one.  We are here not because of money, but because we deeply care for the people of New Hampshire.  You probably make more income that many of us combined.  In the same fashion we cannot be bought off by Big (anything).  Every dime received for campaign donations is made public.  No gift greater than $25.00 can be accepted.  Who is able to bribe or influence a Member of the NH General Court?  If we get elected, we serve to the best of our ability.  If we do not get elected we, in the words of one legislator, go fishing.  That is the joy and the thrill of being a Citizen Legislator in the best example of the term in the US.


Threaten all you wish.  Send people to my neighborhood as has been done in the past.  Sorry to disappoint but I have no desire whatsoever to join the Borg Collective and I will resist. 


So let us look at your so-called anti-legislation list.

Voter ID.  Voter ID is constitutional according to several challenges reviewed by SCOTUS.  Voter ID maximizes voter participation, enables people without valid ID needed to (cash a check, open a savings account, pay taxes, check out a library book, buy cigarettes, buy booze, rent an apartment and on and on) to engaged in those activities at no cost to themselves if unable to pay a fee.  Such Voter ID actions are supported by nearly every civil rights organization around the world, except in the US.  Outspoken advocates of voter ID are former Democratic Presidents.  The NAACP is against voter ID laws, but that organization is itself under investigation by several states (not federal-of course) voting authorities across the nation for voter fraud, including 10 counts in Mississippi alone.  ACORN has already been exposed for its voter fraud activities.  Look at what Mr. O’Keefe exposed by his apparently legal inquiry of if a dead person could vote in New Hampshire.  Even more recently USAG Eric Holder was shown to be able to be made a victim of voter fraud in his own home town.  Yup, we do not need Voter ID because our ballot is safe, except that it is not!

Guns.  Have you bothered to read the NH Constitution?  Let me print it here because it is apparently obvious you are clueless in this area:  Part the First (Rights of Man) [Art.] 2. [Natural Rights.] All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights - among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting, property; and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state on account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.   June 2, 1784

Amended 1974 adding sentence to prohibit discrimination.

[Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.

December 1, 1982

I strongly suggest that you become intimately familiar with the NH Constitution during your sojourn in the Granite State.  You were woefully unfamiliar with the Maine Constitution as evidenced by the articles and news clips emanating from the Pine Tree State regarding the Progressive failure there.  Please become familiar with the oldest Constitution in the Nation, the NH Constitution.  As a test of your knowledge of American History could you please tell us where the first armed insurrection of the American Revolution took place? 


Prisons.  Cost savings across the board works; if it means privatizing the operation, so be it, if it means maintaining state operation, so be it; the key is innovation and efficient government.  You may wish to look to one of the principals of the Democratic Party for a discussion of small efficient government, Andrew Jackson.  The NHDP’s own platform states: “We support efforts to encourage industry and small businesses to diversify and innovate.”  You remember Jackson do you not, he was the President that defied the Supreme Court and ordered the execution of tens of thousands of Native Americans.  Before emulating Jackson too much, you should be aware that Daniel Webster and Jackson did not often see eye-to-eye and Daniel Webster was New Hampshire.


Accountability.  ALEC stands for corporate accountability, but it abhors, as did Jefferson, the centralized planned crony capitalism or fascism that is taking place in America currently.  If a company does not behave in an accountable fashion is should be held to task, but business should not be so restricted as to prevent them from hiring people, paying living wages and allowing the risk-takers and innovators from earning a reward because of government interference.  One of the ALEC initiatives is the sunshine in hiring private attorneys by government.  Another is a restatement of the torts laws to create an atmosphere of predictability, set rules of operation if your will, so that businesses can better understand what is and is not good business behavior.


Reshape tax code to benefit rich?  All of the efforts in NH have been directed toward benefiting the resident, the tax payers.  If you wish to pay more taxes, more fees and have the government dictate what you eat, what you wear, where you go, what you watch, what is news and what is not, please continue on your tact.


There you have it.  You steal a name to make an invalid point.  You are here in New Hampshire from the far left coast to push your “progressive perspectives.”  And what are these perspectives?  The literature suggests strongly that the progressive perspective aligns itself with the calamitous political theories of Marx and Engels.  The Progressive Perspective seems to be that the rich are and the poor are and therefore the rich have to give to the poor, and if they do not the government will damn well take it and redistribute it.  The Progressive Perspective strips the individual of his or her humanity, his or her ambition, his or her soul and forces one into the all good collective society.  Sorry to disappoint but I still have no desire whatsoever to join the Borg Collective and I will resist.

Jordan Ulery

For your consideration:

642:1 Obstructing Government Administration. –
    I. A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if that person uses intimidation, actual or threatened force or violence, simulated legal process, or engages in any other unlawful conduct with a purpose to hinder or interfere with a public servant, as defined in RSA 640:2, II, performing or purporting to perform an official function or to retaliate for the performance or purported performance of such a function.


From: Zandra Rice-Hawkins []
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Subject: RE: Granite State Progress Urges NH House Republicans To Sever Ties with ALEC

Thank you to everyone who responded to the email from Granite State Progress about whether you will sever your ties with ALEC; your responses are most helpful as we compile the lists of legislators who are siding with corporate special interests.

If you have not yet had a chance to respond, please do so as soon as possible. For those who have expressed a renewed interest in joining ALEC, Granite State Progress has provided the attached membership form to assist you. We are happy to publicly submit it on your behalf.

Zandra Rice Hawkins
Executive Director
Granite State Progress>
Date: Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 2:51 PM
Subject: Corporate Sponsors Quit ALEC; Granite State Progress Urges New Hampshire House Republicans To Do the Same

Corporate Sponsors Quit ALEC; Granite State Progress Urges New Hampshire House Republicans To Do the Same


Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods leave conservative group over controversial stands

CONCORD, NH — To date, 3 major corporate sponsors of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have indicated they will not renew their memberships to the controversial conservative organization. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Kraft Foods, Inc. made the announcements in recent days amid mounting criticism over ALEC's backing of "Stand Your Ground" gun laws, which have been implicated in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin – and which is the same model legislation used in crafting New Hampshire’s SB 88 that became law last year.


Granite State Progress is now urging several prominent New Hampshire Republicans to terminate their ALEC memberships as well. These known ALEC members include (but are not limited to): 


  • ·        ALEC State Co-Chair Rep. Gary Daniels, House Labor Chair (R-Milford)
  • ·        ALEC State Co-Chair Rep. Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson)
  • ·        Rep. Pam Tucker, House Deputy Speaker (R-Greenland)
  • ·        Rep. Carole McGuire, House Exec Departments and Admin Committee Chair (R-Epsom)
  • ·        Rep. John Reagan, House Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee Chair (R-Deerfield)
  • ·        Rep. Andrew Renzullo, House Resource Recreational and Development Chair (R-Hudson)
  • ·        Rep. Will Smith, Special Committee Public Employee Pensions Reform Chair (R-New Castle)
  • ·        Rep. Ken Weyler, House Finance Chair (R-Kingston)
  • ·        Rep. Jen Coffey, House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee Vice Chair (R-Andover)
  • ·        Rep. Warren Groen, House Environment & Agriculture Committee Vice Chair (R-Rochester)
  • ·        Rep.  Marilinda Garcia (R-Salem)
  • ·        Rep. Dan McGuire (R-Epsom)
  • ·        Rep. Mark Warden (R-Weare)
  • ·        Rep. Moe Villeneuve (R-Bedford)


Granite State Progress also encourages lone ALEC-affiliated House Democrat Kris Roberts (D-Keene) to sever his ties with the corporate-driven organization.


Recent Granite State Progress reports exposed that ALEC-affiliated and other corporate-influenced legislators have pushed several  pieces of ALEC model legislation in the New Hampshire State House this year, including:


HB 1607 and SB 372 Private School Voucher


HB 1560 Health Care Compact


CACR 6 Super Majority Act


SB 289 and SB 318 Photo ID to Vote


HCR 2 Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law


HCR 40 Regarding National Debt


And, as referenced above, last year’s ALEC model legislation bill SB 88, widely known as “stand your ground” or “kill at will” bills. Laws like these have been widely criticized for promoting the sort of "vigilante justice" mindset that contributed to Martin's death.


“Given what we now know about ALEC and its detrimental effect on New Hampshire's public policy, there's no excuse for New Hampshire legislators to continue their involvement in the organization,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Director of Granite State Progress. “The fact that Coke, Pepsi and Kraft have left ALEC speaks volumes to how toxic the group has become. It's time for New Hampshire's ALEC members to follow suit.”


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